Anthony Knox
“My name is Anthony Knox and I own rhino wrestling club. I have been sending my son Anthony to Keith for almost a year now. My son was always a good wrestler, but in the last 12 months the power he’s been wrestling with has taken him to the next level. Since he started working with Keith and bulldog he’s beaten multiple kids that are considered top in the country, kids that once beat him by double digit points he’s now beating . Love Keith, Love Bulldog would recommend them to any serious athletes !!!”

Phil Caracappa
“By far the best strength & conditioning program on the east coast! Everyone that is a trainer here really puts in the effort and time to help you crush the goals you never thought you could have reached. I can’t say enough good things about Keith and his team over here. They specialize in a never ending list of athletics for all ages! They certainly are a huge part of my success so far in my professional mma career. Also, the facility and equipment are top of the line!!! Check them out!”

Geoff Else
“Walk through these doors and be prepared to set new goals. Keith, Maria, and Pete will undoubtedly help you crush the goals you walked in with and you will quickly need new ones as your progress continues. Through constantly evolving programming using the most efficient philosophies and techniques in strength and conditioning, you will succeed becoming a better version of yourself. The team, energy, music, and vibes make it so addicting. This place is a gem.”

Frank Marshall Wells
“Been involved in MMA/Muay Thai for 7 years now and this is hands down the best strength and conditioning program that I’ve ever been a part of. I look forward to my next torture session from the time I leave until the time I walk back through their doors. Keith, Pete, and Maria are all super experienced and knowledgeable and know how to push you to your limits without going overboard. Couldn’t recommend it enough. GET IN THERE”

Kayce Hoecker
“First and foremost – definitely 5 stars & would recommend to anyone of any age. Keith & Maria welcome everyone with open arms & have great personalities. Classes are semi private which make a big difference. Keith has eyes on you on all times , even when you don’t think he’s watching. In the last 2.5 weeks i’ve lost 3% body fat , and gained about 3 pounds of muscle just by following the meal plan & training twice a week. I’ve done the gym & group classes- this is a game changer. Can’t wait to see the final results. Give it a try , you won’t be disappointed!”

Ada Lamadrid
“I can’t say enough about this facility. Keith ,Pete , Maria and all the trainers will help you reach your goal whatever it may be . Keith and the trainers have motivated me to push myself in a comfortable environment . They have so much knowledge it’s incredible. I feel the strongest I have in a very long time. The atmosphere in the gym is laid back and everyone who is training is super supportive of one another’s goal. Two very big thumbs up !!!!!!! Thank you!”

Tracy Kaufman
“My daughter has been at bulldog for one month for strengthening and conditioning after a broken finger and I cannot believe how strong she has gotten. She returned to her sport the other day and her coach was shocked she was able to perform better than ever on her first day back. She noticed herself how much easier it was for her. After one month out from the injury, coming back was easier then ever. Can’t wait to see what this next month does for me and her. Keith is so nice and gives my daughter great workouts and she notices a difference in her strength and endurance. Definitely recommend bulldog if your looking for a great workout.”

Elizabeth Sacchetti
“I have been at bulldog for the past 4 weeks in the built like a fighter training program. Keith, Maria and the rest of the staff there have been welcoming, friendly and all seem very knowledgeable. Maria has been sending me healthy recipes to make sure my nutrition is well managed. There is a lot of support and encouragement here. The gym is always clean and the other gym members are friendly as well. I have bad knees and Keith designed a program around my knee problem. I get a great workout with no knee pain. In the past 4 weeks my knees have actually felt better than before I started the program. My legs feel stronger and I’ve toned up a lot for only working out there 3x a week for 4 weeks. I’ve noticed the biggest improvements in my Jiu Jitsu. I’m not out of breath after the warm up anymore. I used to have trouble running and doing other warm up exercises but now it feels easier. I’m not tired at the end of class either, even after a few 5 minute rounds of live rolling. I can focus more on my technique because I no longer experience muscle fatigued or shortness of breath. I desperately needed strength and conditioning training outside of Jiu Jitsu. I’m excited to see how much more I improve by the end of the 10 week program and I hope to stay at bulldog after that.”

Joe Friedman
“This place is legit. From high school and college athletes to professional MMA fighters (with winning records), this place is home to all kinds of great athletes who choose the type of personalized coaching they offer to achieve real results. If you are looking to get into shape, no question Bulldog Strength and Conditioning is a great place to train. I didn’t want to do CrossFit and my big box gym was ok, but I wanted real coaching and strength training to build a foundation to a healthier lifestyle. I also wanted to look better with my shirt off. Keith and the other trainers are very knowledgeable and coach you diligently throughout the work outs, showing you proper form and helping you push your limits. If you are willing to show up as scheduled and put the work in, you will 100% see results. The 10 week Built Like a Fighter program got me started on a great path of strength and conditioning. I am stronger than I have ever been and reached the goals I had in mind when I started. The workouts will push you, but they are efficient and fun. Sign up!”

Kimberly Fitzpatrick
“Bulldog is an absolutely amazing place to train! My son has had nothing short of an awesome experience at Bulldog and as a student athlete his work at Bulldog has helped him immensely. My son is a travel and High School Hockey player. This past April he tried out for and didn’t make a AAA team. As a part of that process he was made aware of several areas he needed to target to improve his skills and performance both on and off the ice. He continued his on ice training and decided to give Bulldog’s Semi-private training program a try. He started in June and met with Keith and his staff in order to review his goals so that a program could be developed to meet his individual needs and help him work towards his goals in hockey. He continued to train 2 times a week through the summer. As the summer progressed he was getting results and people were taking notice. In August he was invited to participate in a training camp for the organization that had cut him that previous April. They were impressed by his transformation over the summer. His hard work at Bulldog was paying off! Thanks in great part to his work at Bulldog he was stronger and faster on the ice and his stamina and athleticism was vastly improved. At the conclusion of that week of training camp he was offered a spot on a AAA team! Keith and his staff do amazing things with the student athletes who train at Bulldog. The gym is a motivational and community minded place and the environment there really helps the athletes train in a positive and supportive environment. Keith and his staff care about my son and how he is doing and we really appreciate that. It makes him really look forward to his sessions. My son has achieved amazing results and he owes a lot of his achievements to the work he puts in at Bulldog. We highly recommend them!”